Weekend Project

Our project for this weekend was to turn this:

(click for larger image)

…into this:


The right side is what we installed in 2005, but the center and the left side are new.

Last month we ordered custom-built shelves from Storables, and I picked them up on Monday. Thursday night I ripped out the old wooden shelves and hanger, and spackled all the holes in the wall. Saturday I sanded down the spackling and then painted everything that needed painting – I gave it two coats. Then today we installed the shelves. Very easy, really! (And a lot easier than removing the old shelves that used to be on the right side of the closet.)

The cats in the “after” photo did not come with the shelves. They are demo models only.

One of the best parts was while we were putting things back into the closet: Debbi was being careful to try to divide up the space evenly (since we’d had a bunch of go-rounds about that when she moved in), but after putting in many of the hanging clothes and our exercise clothes, she asked how to divide up the other shelves, and I said, “Actually, I think almost all of my clothes are already in the closet.”

Debbi got this look in her eye and said, “You mean the rest of the closet is mine?”

We have a crapload of space. We even have some shelf space in there (especially on the top shelf, which you can’t see in the photos) which isn’t being used. Amazing.

Now I’m getting excited to do the same to the front room closet, which is where all my games and various other crap live.

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  1. Our bedroom closet is reasonably efficient (we have double rods on one side and a top shelf), but we should probably think about doing this to the upstairs closet(s) at some point.

    Susan and I tend to divvy up space “functionally” – I get shelf space for books and such, and she gets closet space :

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