Kitty Trouble

Roulette’s been having a little trouble recently.

It started Sunday night, when I was up in the study and heard someone horking behind me. I turned around to see Roulette throwing up as Blackjack watched her. She only brought up some fluid, and then did it again a minute later.

Monday she horked again in the evening, and I noticed she also wasn’t eating very much. In particular she was chewing a kibble and only swallowing a little bit of it. Then overnight I woke up and heard her horking again. Each time she only brought up fluid.

Tuesday morning she ate just a little, but she did drink some water. So Tuesday afternoon Debbi called the vet and I brought her in and left her there to be checked out. Our theories were that she either had a hairball she was trying (and failing) to bring up, or that the food was bad (although the other cats weren’t affected). The vet checked her out and said they didn’t see anything, but they gave her some medicine and fluids, and gave us some stuff to give her if she kept throwing up. They also said to watch in case she has any trouble breathing. Apparently her teeth are fine and she’s not showing any signs of anything really serious.

She hasn’t thrown up since, and she’s eating a little more. The other cats aren’t eating as much, either, although it’s been quite hot this week so I suspect they’re just sleeping all the time and thus not terribly hungry. I did open another bag of food in case the one we were using had gone stale or something.

Hopefully it’s just a hairball or something that she can work through. It did have us pretty worried for a little while, though.

Boy did she go apeshit yesterday when she realized I was about to put her in the carrier, though! And she’s been taking meowing lessons from Jefferson, since she yowled the whole way to the vet. Sheesh!

3 thoughts on “Kitty Trouble”

  1. hi

    re sick cat we went thru that with our calico, we had them do barium like test on her and 14 xrays to show gi track clear. $1200 later we figured she just had an upset tummy which we only added to the situation by transporting her back and forth to the vet!! so i hope that is roulette’s problem too

    i have been lurking here for years -2002 and have read your blog completely..while i was waiting for a lung transplant! and i got it in 2004!

    it is ablast to follow your adventures…

    ps re the long time bloggers.. another is willa cline at willa dot com
    she has gone from a admin person at a trucking firm to a web designer… i had alot spare time so i read all her entries…
    i just never got around to posting my adventure…i have it offline..

  2. Poor Roulette. I have gone through the same thing with several of my cats. Usually it is an upset tummy which will resolve itself. Let me know how things go. If the other cats develop the same symptoms you might look at their food. Did the vet suggest changing her/their food?

  3. Max: I think you’ve sent me e-mail once or twice, if I recall correctly! Glad you have you! I know of a few other really long-time journallers… I keep meaning to do an entry about them.

    Mom: Roulette seems considerably perked up, and everyone’s eating habits seem nearly back to normal today. I don’t think Debbi talked to them about the food, but I switched them anyway. I think the old food did have something wrong with it, as their, um, “output” has been a little strange lately. So I’ll probably get rid of the old stuff.

    Taking her in was expensive, I think, but not as expensive as Max’s experience above, thankfully. But better safe than sorry, right?

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