Lunar Eclipse and Migraine Headache

We were fortunate out here in the Bay Area that this week’s series of showers halted long enough for the sky to clear up so we could view the total lunar eclipse last night. I saw it around 6:15 on my drive home, when the moon looked like it had a big bite taken out of it. Then around 7:40 I went outside and saw the moon was almost completely gone, with just a faint glow in the upper right to show it was there at all.

Very cool.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to see any more of it because around that time my headache which had been lurking around since mid-afternoon turned into a full-blown migraine. Debbi took me upstairs and had me lie down on the bed, and I ended up falling asleep for some of the next two hours. When she came to bed around 10 I decided to turn in, too, and I got a full night’s sleep on top of the evening nap. Very frustrating since it meant I accomplished almost nothing that I’d hoped to do last night. I almost never get migraines, either. Much less than once a year.

At least the headache was completely gone this morning. That’s something.

Newton slept with me all evening while I was trying to shake off the headache. Debbi says the other three cats were mostly lying in the hallway outside the bedroom, and she had to step over them to come check on me. Very nice of them, guarding the door against intruders while I was sick!

Obviously the eclipse let out some evil spirits who got lodged in my head. Damn you, evil spirits!

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  1. I just Googled – migraine eclipse and found your note. I, too, suffered a migraine that evening and the next day as did my husband and a business associate.

  2. I was looking up “lunar eclipse and migraines”. I got a migraine that night as well, and two days later. I hadn’t had one in a while, hm…

  3. I’m told there’s no link between the two but most full moons I experience headache and migraine. I discovered the pattern after keeping a headache diary and when i checked retrospectively found that 2 out of 3 full moons i’d had migraine. People dismiss it out of hand but i’m sure there’s something to it.

  4. Weird I had a bad headache that night as well and so I googled it and found this. It started off as a small pain like you then a pounding migraine as it got later. I also very rarely get headaches and I’m very healthy.

  5. Hey I noticed i get intense headaces anytime theres a eclipse. theres definetly something related there. i get smaller ones for full moons.

  6. Got one now I could live with out As I did 18 years ago when the last one was the same now that I think about it and every full moon I get headaches not necessarily migraines This ones just getting started

  7. Hey. 3 days ago on May 20, 2012 there was a Solar Eclipse that started at 6:32pm. When I woke up I was fine(around 10am or so). Around 1 I got a small little headache and I thought it was cause maybe I had slept too much lol but it was weird because I never I mean like almost never get head aches. I tried to sleep it off for a while and when I woke up it was worse(around 5pm) Around 6 it had turned into migraines. After you couldn’t see the eclipse my my head was hurting so bad I couldn’t take it! I looked it up and I found this. I wonder if anyone has done any kind of research on this. I find it mysterious and exciting in a way that this happened to me and not anyone else in this house.

  8. Strange…. I thought i was the only one suffering severe headache every full moon. more than this i feel that my eyes is popping out of my head and i am really dizzy….

  9. I had one tonight during the lunar eclipse, and also with a similar pattern… Pain started very mild, peaked during the eclipse, and now (a few hrs later) I am totally fine. I can’t even remember the last time I had a headache! Let alone a full blown migraine like that… It’s pretty interesting that when I googled it there’s many similar situations!

  10. It always happens with me on lunar and solar eclipse day since the childhood…. otherwise I dont get headaches….. don’t know the exact reason might be due to alignment of the magnetic feilds…. but its weired …. its lunar eclipse today and I am the victim. . 😕

  11. around 2 weeks before every eclipse my head aches very much,. i started realizing it when i was in high school,. last headache was on september 27 2014,.

  12. Interesting. I have gotten a weird headache every time there’s an eclipse since I was a child. It’s a feeling as if I have to duck my head–the sky is lowering…

  13. So, this happened to me yesterday. I NEVER get headaches like this, ever. Yesterday was a partial solar eclipse. I made no connection until this morning, when I realize my head felt absolutely fine, like nothing had ever been a problem! This is very fascinating, I believe there is some connection between the two.

  14. The solar eclipse is tomorrow and since yesterday i have been feeling very under the weather. My migraine has acted up suddenly, i feel extremely dizzy, nauseated, weak and blurred vision. almost like all energy is been drained outta me. And on the plus side i feel my heart chakra completely activated and like I’m being energized by another source. Does anyone know what this could mean? .. I do fall ill at times but this is very strange , I feel connected to someone and it’s like they are reviving me from something

    Would love to get a response !
    Thank you all

    1. Here it is. August 21st, 2017 and the last couple of days I have the same feelings you have described. With all these people sharing ills related to the eclipse there is most certainly a connection. It is comforting to know we are not alone in this. Some of us are more sensitive to these things than others.

  15. Hi, was wondering about my severest migraine, I had yesterday …it was lunar eclipse April 4, 2015!!! I couldn’t explain as the ache started a day prior and no medication how ever strong was helping…
    Still wondering of the connection, although I believe there is one!
    Would love to hear from anybody!
    Today the pain reduced on its own!
    Hv a great day!

  16. I have a massive headache and usually don’t get them. It started right on the lunar eclipse and has been strong for 36 hours now. Like everyone else, I decided to search for a correlation and found this. Uncanny…

  17. I was looking for an explanation of why I felt sick before this weekends lunar eclipse and I found this site. I was suffering from a migraine and pounding headache all day before the eclipse and I had the chills. I took my temperature that evening and I was completely normal. I am glad I wasn’t imagining things. I wonder what causes thi? Anyways the next day, the morning after the eclipse I felt perfectly fine again.

  18. I have migraines like clockwork with a full moon. I do think there is a correlation between the pressure/pull of the full moon and a change in our physical being. After all, if gravitational pull has the power to control the tides, how can it NOT affect us?? Just seems like common sense to me.

  19. Susan: My son’s neurologist (at Children’s Hospital in Washington DC) told us that those type of changes (including barometric pressure, etc.) have been found to be related to migraines.

  20. Today is the eclipse and I had a small headache but can feel it turning into a migraine. Although we are not in the path of the eclipse, I am wondering if is still somehow causing this headache. I haven’t had a migraine in about a month.

  21. As I was on the computer last night I had, I believe, at least four similar auras that preceded migraines I had while I was on the pill about 30 years ago. I was attributing the auras to brain surgery that I had last summer. However, around 1:15 p.m., when the solar eclipse reached its peak in my area, I couldn’t ignore the pressure headache and nausea I was experiencing. Found this website and this thread. It’s all very interesting. Hoping none of us get a full-blown migraine today.

  22. I am post eclipse by an hour or so and I have a massive headache. I’m someone that never gets headaches either, so I do believe the pressures have something to do with it.

  23. I woke up with the same issues; horrible migranes, nausea and I can barely tell how much time has passed. I completely feel like I am in dream or an auto pilot like state, and its a complete chore to stay focus.

  24. I suffered migraines since my mid twenties. Never was able to figure out the triggers. I had migraines every 6 weeks – 4 mos when pregnant as well. But never had a migraine when breastfeeding. My daughter is 14 months now. Im still breastfeeding. Today as soon as i saw the eclipse (with proper eye protection) my ocular migraines started. It was immediate. An hour later full on migraine. In bed now passed out for two hours. Glad to have found this post. Next time I get another migraine Im going to see if its a full moon (or eclipse)

  25. The night prior I had a migraine I couldn’t shake. Took aleve and it just dulled the pain. Took another when I got up, still a dull pain. Very unusual. Aleve always does the trick. An hour just before the eclipse I had finally felt relief. I kept looking up on the internet about menopause and hormone fluctuations and their effects in migranes and the info just didn’t line up. I read on a post about someone not feeling well during this phenomenon and it got many responses. I tryrly believe the gravitational pull had something to do with my migrane and feeling blah. If the moon can control the oceans tides why wouldn’t it create a physical sensitivity for humans at different lunar phases? (Gravitational pulls)

  26. No doubt that the eclipse affects people!! I haven’t had a migrane that took me out in years and
    yesterday I didn’t feel great when I got up and by 10:00 am I went from a headache to a migrane
    by 12:00. Still coming back today from it today!!

  27. Upcoming solar eclipse tomorrow & for the 1st time headaches on& off since yesterday. 1st time affected by the eclipse. Maybe cause it’s on my Midheaven this year. I think it’s actually part of my psyche this year. Hoping for a good change. Keeping that positive attitude.

  28. I also googled lunar eclipses and migraines and found this page. I rarely get migraines anymore since I had a complete hysterectomy more than a decade ago and was prescribed bioidentical estrogen replacement. But yesterday was the total blood moon lunar eclipse and the day before, a migraine started that kept me in bed until 10:30 pm. I have a triptan medication that usually aborts a migraine within about an hour, but this time it didn’t work. It has never not worked before, so a couple of hours later I took another one. Still no relief. By that time I was nauseated and vomiting, but it finally subsided about 12 hours later. The next day (the official day of this eclipse), the headache was lingering and so was the nausea. I took another sumatriptan and made it to work, during which the migraine kept intensifying and by the end of the day was back in almost full force, so went back to bed and asked a friend to send some remote Reiki healing energy which helped significantly the rest of the night. However, this morning the migraine began building again along with the nausea. I have never had a migraine, even before I was prescribed the sumatriptan, that lasted for more than about eight hours, let alone several days, and I can only attribute it to this eclipse because nothing else in my life has changed.

  29. I had a suspicion that my full blown migraine was because the lunar eclipse July 16-17 2019 , I am a female ( important to note so we can narrow it down) I was throwing up and my eyes were hurting so bad ,
    My head was pounding and it felt like my brow Chakra was being invaded. I’ve had migraines through other eclipse but never really paid attention, I did allergy testing and was told the usual staff , no wine no cheese etc … this time I know it wasn’t food triggers.
    The pain killer didn’t help nor my reiki masters , I was in pure misery .
    I know that mint oil helps migraines but it didn’t help this time , I looked up the eclipse Schdule for 2019 and I suggest for everyone to do it and get ready for the next one maybe lots of water and pain killer before it starts … not sure yet and I’m not a big fan of medication but when that pain starts not only that I can not think or remember any prevention technique I am willing to try anything.
    I think I will go to a headache specialist to eliminate any other options and hopefully get a preventative advise , will keep you updated if I find any breakthrough to our problem , ps there was a lunar eclipse on July 2nd 2019 and I didn’t hand an issue so I’m suspecting it only lunar eclipse that triggers my headaches . Please write what you do to relieve the migraine , that could help us all .

  30. There it goes again ….
    16th afternoon my head starts to get heavy ….A lingering ache not full blown but nagging nonetheless, these days since I have not been having these migraines, thought to let it be ….But by 8pm …It was a full blown one . It had completely slipped my mind that it was the eclipse time ….
    Have observed that the lunar eclipse effects me more than the solar …Maybe there is some explanation to that too ….Or maybe not

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