My New Environment

And so I celebrated my 11th anniversary at Apple by walking in to a new building this morning:

It’s actually kind of familiar to me, as two of my friends have worked here for the last few years, and their team headed elsewhere as part of the big game of office musical chairs which involved us coming here.

Everyone’s getting settled in; I spent half the morning under my desk hooking up computers and network cables. There don’t seem to have been any major mishaps, just lots of little details. And we all got new water bottles as little welcome gifts, which I thought was nice. It has the advantage that I don’t have to make the sometimes-tedious left turn into Infinite Loop in the morning, and it’s closer to the fitness center, which will be convenient when biking in. On the other hand, I have to test that I can receive mail here, since I tend to have all packages delivered to work (mainly so I don’t have to play the “signature shuffle” at home if they require a receipt signature).

I wonder if I’ll be in this building for the next 11 years?