Good Riddance to March

The month started with my team moving out of the main campus and into a satellite building – a pretty nice building, but not as nice as the main campus. It continued with my beloved cat Jefferson passing away.

Meanwhile I struggled with a seller on eBay not shipping the product I bought (eBay refunded my money yesterday), and I feel woefully underprepared for our fantasy baseball draft on Saturday. Not to mention having barely dented the book for the following week’s book discussion.

So, a pretty crappy month overall. Hopefully the year will only get better from here.

(And no, I’m not really in a frame of mind where I’m appreciating peoples’ April Fools jokes today. Although to be fair my friend who said he and his wife were expecting a second set of twins was pretty funny.)

2 thoughts on “Good Riddance to March”

  1. I do know someone who recently found out she’s pregnant with her second set of twins. Frightening. lol. One set is of twins is plenty! And I hope it wasn’t Chad who told you that. That would not be funny. Not funny at all.

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