Too Complicated Before Coffee

I didn’t get enough sleep last night, so I was pretty groggy this morning. About half an hour after getting in to the office I got up to fill my water bottle, and also decided to hit the bathroom first.

While in the bathroom I thought, “Wow, I really am out of it. Maybe I should go get some coffee.” Conveniently, the coffee machine near the bathroom has the ostensibly “good” beans, while the one near my office is supposedly not as good. But I didn’t have my coffee mug with me. I could have just used a paper one, but decided to be good and get my mug.

So I walked back to my office, got my mug, and decided I didn’t care enough about the bean quality to go back to the other side of the floor (I’m not sure I can really tell the difference), so I headed to the kitchen near my office with my mug and water bottle.

On the way, I noticed the Donut Faerie had made a delivery, and one of my favorite donuts was in the box.

But my hands were full.

I went into the kitchen, put down my mug and water bottle, grabbed a napkin, and went out to get a donut. Back in the kitchen, I picked up my mug and went to the coffee machine.

Which had a sign on it that it was out of order.

So I filled my water bottle, put the donut on top of my mug, and carried it all back to my office. I put down the donut and water bottle, and headed back to the other side of the building and got my coffee.

I’d say that at least I got some exercise in all this, except that I ate the donut, which surely more-than-counteracted any benefits I got from walking around the floor.

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