Brick Doorstops

More swag from my trips back east this summer: For most of my life we’ve had a couple of bricks we used as doorstops, which lived inside nicely crocheted (?) sleeves. (Update: A friend says in the comments that it’s needlepoint.) I guess I’ve only taken cursory notice of these in the past, but during my August trip I decided I quite liked them, and Mom said I could take them back with me.

She said that the sleeves were actually crafted by her mother, which means they’re at least 35 years old, maybe older. The bottoms are rather worn, but otherwise they’re in pretty good shape, if a bit dusty. The sleeves don’t open so we’d have to taken them apart in order to really clean them or replace the bottoms, so I doubt we’ll do that anytime soon. But they don’t really need it, as they’re now keeping doors open in our upstairs, which is carpeted, so they won’t be sliding around much.

Here they are, first one with a frog motif (click for larger images):

And one with a mouse motif:

I’m kind of curious as to what the bricks inside look like, as I know many older bricks have stamps on them (who made them, what year, etc.). But not curious enough to open them up to see. Well, not for a few decades, anyway.