So How’s the Biking Going?

Pretty good, actually. I’ve been biking to work twice a week since early April (other than the week when my sister and her clan were visiting). Maybe this year I’ll finally get to 50 rides for the year! Twice a week may not be a lot, but I am starting to recognize some cyclists and joggers that I pass on my rides.

Folks at work organized teams for the Team Bike Challenge again. I know I’m not anywhere near the top echelon of bike-to-workers, but at least I keep plugging away. Yesterday was Bike to Work Day, so my friend Sean and I stopped at a “recharge station” sponsored by the Friends of Stevens Creek Trail. Plus we passed at least five times as many cyclists as we usually do.

The new bike has basically worked as advertised. It’s (so far) met my primary criterion for a new bike, which is that the wheels haven’t popped any spokes. Yay! I am enjoying the more-vertical position I’m in while riding it. The gear shifts work in the opposite direction as my old bike, which has taken a little getting used to – sometimes I downshift when I meant to upshift, and vice-versa. But the bell is in a better position to use, so I guess it evens out.

By far the biggest problem with the new bike is the new trip computer I bought for it – it regularly stops registering the bike’s movement, sometimes for lengthy periods of time, and sometimes just skipping some wheel rotations, making it look like I’m going slower than I really am. I’ve fiddled with it a little bit, but I suspect I need to move the sensor closer to the edge of the wheel to better pick up the magnet on the spoke that spins past it. I realize these things can be finicky, but my old bike’s computer didn’t have anything like these problems. Still, better a problem with an accessory than with the bike itself!

Anyway, I’m enjoying riding for another summer. I might not enjoy it as much next week when it’s supposed to get up in the 90s during the day! But even then it’s kind of refreshing to have something active to do even in that heat, knowing that I’m going to take a shower in the A/C when I get to my destination.