Head Above Water

I’ve been ridiculously lax about posting much of anything here for a while (something that’s driven home to me whenever Scalzi posts something, i.e. about every other hour).

It’s not like I’ve been ridiculously busy, even. I’ve been normally busy: Mowing the lawn, cleaning the house, raking the leaves (yes, the tree in our front yard has decided that August is a good time to drop enough leaves that I need to rake them), killing the weeds, trimming the bushes, etc.

I’ve taken my car in a few times to have it checked out. It’s almost 14 years old, and it needed a new battery and to have an oil leak plugged. The good news is I didn’t need a new head gasket (which would probably have prompted me to buy a new car instead). And my bike popped a spoke which needed fixing. So that sort of running around has taken time.

But otherwise it’s been reading (finally finished Pete Townshend’s autobiography, and then blasted through Alastair Reynolds’ Doctor Who novel, not to mention an endless stream of comic books and graphic novels), gaming, hanging out with Debbi, cooking, and playing with the cats. Oh, and also working. The usual.

Well, and we went over to visit friends and swim in their pool and tire out their kids on Saturday. And visit some open houses on Sunday (just for fun – it made us very glad we’re not in the market for a house).

We’ve also been doing a 30-day abdominal challenge, which has been, well, challenging. Unfortunately I think the sit-ups we’ve been doing caused me to either hurt my hips somehow, or aggravate a problem I was having with them, as they’ve been intermittently sore for the last week, especially when I stand up after sitting down for a while. So I might not be able to complete the challenge as we’d planned. Still, I never thought I’d be able to do 100 sit-ups in a day.

Anyway, I hope to get back to posting more regularly here soon. I’m starting to wind down the amount of time I spend playing Ascension on my iPad, and that might free up a surprising amount of time for more productive pursuits. Well, assuming I don’t get sucked in to Hearthstone when it comes out.