Clearly I haven’t felt like writing much lately – I didn’t realize until my little post on Tuesday that I didn’t update all weekend! Bad journaller!

Actually, I mentioned last week that I got sick the night of my birthday. Debbi was a day or two behind me and was flattened by it for several days. After running some errands on Saturday (such as having lunch at Shebele) and having dinner with friends, Debbi decided to just take Sunday off and hang out at home.

By contrast, I joined Subrata and company for some Magic. I had a much better draft than last time, putting together a fairly good Blue/White deck with some crafty creatures in it. I think I split the six games I played (though it helped that one game I got the optimal draw and Subrata got the pessimal draw).

It’s a little frightening to be getting into Magic again. 🙂

We’re both feeling better this week, but we’ve had a pretty laid-back week nonetheless. Gaming and comics last night, and frisbee in a little over an hour.

Hopefully I can get back to posting meatier entries sometime soon.

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