Conference’s End

Another WWDC is in the books. I spent three days working hours in the Mac OS X lab, answering a variety of Xcode questions. I went to see one presentation, and saw a few friends in the developer community whom I don’t otherwise see. I took CalTrain to and from the conference, which is fun, and gave me a bunch of bonus exercise. It did get me to wake up a little earlier than usual, which isn’t such a bad thing.

After I wrapped up the conference today I went shopping. I stopped at Borderlands Books where I bought a couple of things and spent some quality time with Ripley, who very cleverly enticed me back to the couch where I could sit down so she could sit in my lap. No dumb cat, that.

I also went by Comix Experience and Gamescape, where I was less successful, although I did help recommend Fables to another customer at the former.

Now I’m ready for a nice quiet weekend. My legs are tired from all the walking.