Hi there! I’m Michael Rawdon. Welcome to my new journal, Fascination Place.

I imagine that most of you reading this have come over from my old journal, Gazing Into The Abyss, at least at first. Fun as that journal was, I was getting tired of living on my little home-brew software which powered it. I wanted categories, and comments, and a domain name, and a format in which it would feel more comfortable to write small posts, and more often. And I wanted to stop feeling like my journal was living in 2001.

Over the summer I started casting around for what to use instead, and to my surprise it was just about unanimous that WordPress was the state-of-the-art blogging software out there. So that’s what I’m using, having spent most of September learning the languages that drive WordPress and customizing my set-up to get it the way I want.

Is it worth it? Time will tell. I’m pretty happy with the result, but no doubt there are some kinks to work out. You can comment or e-mail me if you see anything serious that needs attention.

I’m a little self-conscious about the title, “Fascination Place” (with no “The” – it’s like a street name), as I’ve always thought that I’m terrible at coming up with titles for things. Someone once pointed out to me that “Gazing Into The Abyss” seemed like a poor title for my journal, probably because my “abyss” is about two feet deep. So I wanted a title which was descriptive but not cynical, and that’s what I came up with. (It was hard. I told you I was terrible at coming up with titles…)

That aside, I’ve been chomping at the bit to start writing content for Fascination Place, and I set a deadline to launch this thing by this weekend, because spending any more time preparing it was just spinning my wheels. Like any new commitment, it’s a little scary (even if it’s replacing an old one which was just about the same), but it’s also kind of a relief to get started.

I hope you enjoy it.  Welcome!

7 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. As I was the one to mock you for your old title it is only fitting that I heap praise on you for your new title. You are a guy who is truly fascinated by his hobbies. Excellent title, Michael! Nice new home, too. Congratulations.

  2. Well, in theory, I think that once I approve a comment from you, your later comments will be auto-approved. In practice, I haven’t seen it actually happen yet. 🙂 But certainly I don’t want to have to approve every comment from people I’ve approved previously.

  3. Indexes are turned on, at least for the images dirs. FYI.
    I’ll miss the age-old site, but this layout gets thumbs-up from me!

  4. took out the snarky comment about me doing your graphics, huh? too bad, i would have been (semi-)cheap. heh.

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