This Week’s Haul

Comic books purchased the week of 29 November 2006.

  • Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #46
  • 52 #30 of 52 (DC)
  • Castle Waiting #3 (Fantagraphics)
  • George Perez: Storyteller HC (Dynamic Forces)

One nifty thing about comics today is the wealth of books studying the careers of the great artists, and even better, they often present rare or previously-unpublished work by those artists. A few years back, TwoMorrows printed Modern Masters: George Perez, and now Dynamic Forces has printed George Perez: Storyteller. (I don’t know whether this is the same as this book The Art of George Perez listed on Amazon. The author is the same, but the cover is different.)

I haven’t done more than thumb through this book, but it looks like a pretty nice package: A lot of information about Perez’ early career at Marvel, and his work for publishers like Malibu and Crossgen (both now defunct). Perez is maybe the best artist working in comics today, and certainly on the shortlist for the best ever, so I’m happy for almost any chance to see some more of his work.

Pretty light week otherwise.

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