My damn whatever-this-illness-is is still lingering around. Other than making me really tired on Thursday-to-Sunday, it’s given my throat that thick, kind of clogged feeling. It doesn’t really hurt, but it’s uncomfortable. Fortunately it’s not obstructing my breathing or swallowing, it’s just annoying.

Fortunately, tea seems to help. Even more fortunately, I learned yesterday that tea at the coffee bar at work is free! Pretty nifty. It’s even Numi Tea, which is pretty yummy. So now I can try out all their various flavors for free!

The downside to drinking tea in the afternoon rather than my usual mocha is that I’m that much hungrier come dinnertime. Which I shouldn’t complain about, because I don’t really need the 400 calories (or however many) those mochas come with, anyway.

I’m hoping my throat is all better by tomorrow, though. It’s a little better every day, but I wish it would finish healing up.