Laser’s Edge Christmas Sale

Progressive rock retailer The Laser’s Edge is having a Christmas sale, running from now through the end of the day tomorrow, Christmas day. (The Laser’s Edge is in New Jersey, so that’s probably midnight EST.) If progressive rock is your thing, I recommend running right over and buying some stuff.

I don’t write about my progressive rock interests as much as I’d hoped, but if you’re interested in checking out some of my favorites, I think you can’t go wrong with any of the following:

I’ve bought dozens of CDs from them over the years and have always been happy with their selection, prices, service and friendliness.

Winding Down

I’m on vacation now. Somehow the weekend flew by so fast that it’s already Monday. Yet I’m not at work. Which is a good thing, since I can really use some downtime. We get this week through New Year’s off anyway, but I took the rest of next week off, too, so I have two full weeks at home. That’s right – we’re not going anywhere, just doing Christmas at home and hanging around.

As usual I have a lengthy list of things I’d like to do over the break, and I expect I’ll only do about half of it. Here’s what comes to mind off the top of my head, and in no particular order:

  • Play poker. Going to the casino during a weekday is a good way to avoid the crowds.
  • Assemble some Magic decks.
  • Take care of our friends’ cats, which we’re doing through tomorrow.
  • Hit some used bookstores.
  • Clean up the study upstairs, especially the closet, which is full of disorganized crap. I’m hoping that Storables will have their annual closet sale after Christmas, in which case I might redo all the shelving in there, too.
  • Related to that, prepare some comic books to sell on eBay, and just throw out (well, recycle) some others that I know won’t be sellable.
  • Buy a new stereo receiver. Mine is over 18 years old and is showing signs of being on its last legs. I might also look for other consumer electronics, like a DVR.
  • Write. I have some stories I want to work on which have been coming together in my mind. I ought to try to get a few pages of them written and see if I develop some momentum so I keep going.
  • Draw. I’ve also ben getting the yen to do some sketching, so I might play around with different styles in my sketchbook.
  • Cook. We plan to cook a turkey for Christmas, and I also plan to make meatloaf (mmm, bacon-wrapped meatloaf) and biscuits sometime.
  • Go to lunch with Debbi some day when she’s at work and I’m not. (She has this week off, but not next week other than New Year’s.)
  • Upgrade the desktop computer to Leopard.
  • Find a new theme for this journal, as I’m getting tired of this one. I expect I’ll find a theme someone else has concocted and just make a few usability tweaks to it to work with my set-up. Since I don’t have a testbed install of WordPress, I’ll have to set one up, probably on a local computer, to play around with themes.
  • Read. Our book discussion group is early next month, and the book is long, so I need to get cracking on it.
  • Catch up on journal entries. I have several that are half-written which I haven’t posted yet. Including two from last month’s vacation!

Like I said, I probably won’t get through all of that. But it’s good to have a list, right?

I haven’t made much progress on it yet, though. But I did finish the crossword in this morning’s paper. Oh, and finished my Christmas shopping – that’s very important!