Smartassery in Public

Amusing exchange at the cafe tonight between me and one of the cashiers:

(I walk up to the cashier.)

Her: Let me guess: A chicken salad sandwich and a baguette with butter.

Me: Actually, no.

Her: Uh-oh. What do you want?

Me: A steak churrasco sandwich.

Her: Whoa, I don’t think I’m ready for that kind of change.

Not that I’m habitual about what I tend to order for dinner there or anything.

I told Debbi that next time I might ask if she can guess what I want this time. The sad thing is that her guess would usually be correct, it’s just I happen to like a couple of their specials even better than the usual sandwich.

An hour later I go up to buy dessert, and the same cashier helps me:

Her: Now what?


Me: You’re a smartass, you know that?

Her: Yes, I am.

Me: Not that that’s a bad thing.

All of this greatly amused me. And considering I’ve been sick since Wednesday (was home from work on Thursday) and spent most of today trying to catch up on work, I can use the amusement.

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