Fun With Mirrors

This morning I was shaving and Jefferson had jumped up on the counter next to the sink. Blackjack was prowling around in the bedroom behind me, doing what I don’t know.

Jefferson, though, was going nuts when he saw Blackjack in the mirror! He looked intently and bobbed his head back and forth while swishing his tail! I think he was checking out what Blackjack was up to, and was trying to get a better look, but every time he moved his head to look the cat in the mirror moved too and got in his way.

It was hilarious. It’s been years since either of the big cats have shown any interest in all in mirrors.

One thought on “Fun With Mirrors”

  1. Awww… Zelda has never show any acknowledgment of movement in mirrors or on TV. I don’t think she see’s things unless they have dimension. Which is a great disappointment – I was really excited about getting her one of those video catnip shows, but she doesn’t even see it. 🙁

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