Restaurant Roundup

Apparently before he flew out, my Dad was told by my Mom that he’d gain ten pounds visiting me, since we always feed our guests extremely well. In that spirit, here’s where we chowed down over the past week:



  • Main Street Grill: One of my favorite breakfast places. Just about the best coffee I’ve had in the area, not to mention great food.
  • The Counter


  • The cafe at Garré Winery: A surprisingly good menu for a cafe attached to a winery.
  • Su Hong: My favorite Chinese restaurant.


  • A La Carte and Art festival
  • Universal Cafe: We went to dinner with one of my cousins, and this restaurant was recommended by another cousin. It’s a cut above the usual restaurants I eat at, and was excellent. Their frites (french fries) appretizer is huge!



  • The Original Pancake House (again): Dad liked it so much we went back and got different dishes.
  • Ice cream sundaes at Ghirardelli Square
  • Cascal: Our local tapas restaurant, which I’d recently visited for the first time.

Maybe not ten pounds’ worth, but that’s a lot of food!

3 thoughts on “Restaurant Roundup”

  1. Not the Original Pancake House down the street from your workplace?! When we were out there a few years ago, the place was absolutely crawling with ants. The waitresses seemed both uninterested (and slightly hostile) when we asked them to clean the booth again. Ick!

    Sláinte Mhath!

  2. John: I’ve been to the OPH in Cupertino. I don’t remember the ants, but I do recall finding the service slow. These days we usually go to the one in Los Altos, and I have no complaints about them.

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