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Home sick today. Caught a cold yesterday afternoon, and it took me an hour to get up this morning. I would’ve just gone back to bed except I had a vet appointment for Newton scheduled in the morning. I was wiped out enough from just that that I called in sick and stayed home. Ugh.

Anyway, the appointment was to check Newton’s thyroid, since his blood work last month showed that it was extremely elevated (after having been mildly elevated last year). And he’s been gradually losing weight for a few years, from a high of close to 10 pounds to just under 8 pounds. So he’s been on meds for his thyroid for the last 3 weeks.

The results were – fortunately – nothing but good news: His thyroid is well down into safe levels, and he’s put on half a pound in the last month! He’s also been very snuggly lately, not really lethargic, just very greedy for attention. It’s cute, actually. Anyway, the vet says as long as he’s not behaving strangely then we’ll re-test him in 3 months, and check his kidney functions, too.

Fortunately, Newton loves taking his pills in pill pockets, whenever I take out the pockets he trots right over. So that’s a good sign for the future.

If you didn’t already knew, Newton and Jefferson are over 14 years old, so these things happen. But they’re otherwise healthy, so I’m hoping they’ll be around for years to come.

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  1. Pill pockets – best thing ever for medicating a cat. Our two cats both need thyroid meds. The vet originally prescribed a transdermal gel you are suppose to rub on the inside of the cat’s ear because he said it would be too hard to give pills to cats twice a day. Nope – most cats HATE having stuff squirted into their ear.

    With the pill pockets, I just load one up and toss it in the general direction of a cat. Sometimes it never makes it to the ground. I just have to be careful one cat doesn’t eat both pills.

    We think the pill pockets must be made with kitty krack 🙂

    Good news on your cat.

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