Rainy Weekend

We’re getting a series of rain storms here this week and next, and boy do we need the rain, what with northern California in the midst of a drought. Today it’s been pouring pretty hard all day.

We had a pretty quiet weekend, running errands and almost getting them done before the rain set in. We got the new TV broken in, and I broke down and threw out my ancient stereo cabinet, and we put our old TV in storage. Not sure if we’ll ever use it again, what with the transition to digital broadcasting and all, but if we don’t have it then we’ll definitely never use it.

We’d hoped to go to the California Academy of Sciences today – it’s been open for 6 months but the crowds have apparently been intense. Unfortunately the friends we’d planned to go with had to bow out, so we stuck around home instead. The silver lining might be that we didn’t have to drive and walk through the rain, eh?

Plus the cats we happy to have us home. Especially Roulette, who’s totally addicted to the toy that Lucy gave us at my birthday party and got a bunch of good playing in.

I enjoy rainy weekends. Wish we had some more of them this winter.