Suits Me

Today’s Life Lesson is: When buying a new suit, it pays to go at 10 am on a Saturday morning in a down economy.

Seriously: We pretty much had the whole store to ourselves! A couple of random people wandered in after we were there for half an hour, but otherwise the whole staff was helping us out.

Men’s Wearhouse is having a sale on, well, nearly everything, so I bought up two suits (“buy one get one free”) which I’ll pick up once they’re adjusted. They also laid out six different shirt-and-tie combinations for us to look at with the suits, and I bought four of them (blue, red, lavender, and white shirts, to go with the black and gray suits). Certainly they’re more interesting than the usual white-shirt-laid-back-tie combinations I usually wear.

I would say it makes me feel all grown up, but honestly I think I only ever wear suits for weddings and occasional formal events. Which these days means once, maybe twice a year. I won’t wear them to work because, first, I don’t need to, and second, people would just ask me who I’m interviewing with.

Still, I needed the suits, because my old one – which must be 15 years old now – is on it last legs and needed to be replaced, since we have a wedding to go to in May. So, mission accomplished!

2 thoughts on “Suits Me”

  1. I can’t remember you ever buying a new suit. And of course your old suit is on its last legs. What else would you expect .

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