Long Week

This has been a long week.

It didn’t help that we had another mini-heat wave, or that I had trouble sleeping Thursday and Friday nights, but what really honked me off was another spoke on my bike breaking when I biked to work yesterday. Much ranting on Twitter later, I decided to try a different bike shop to repair the thing. I’ve been breaking a spoke every few hundred miles, and it sounds like I should go thousands of miles between breaks. I dunno if it’s the bike or just poor service from the previous shop, but it was clearly time for a change. So today I took the bike in and got it repaired – same day! So I can bike in to work again next week.

Which is nice because I’ve been making progress losing weight, and I think a lot of it’s because I’ve been rigorous about biking twice a week for most of the summer.

Happily, we’re now into a long weekend, the weather’s cooled off a bit, and my friend Karen’s coming to visit for a couple of days. So it should be a nice break from the daily grind.

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