Labor Day Weekend

If I’m doing a big project build (and I am), then it must be time to natter about my personal life again. (Hmm, there may be a clue in there as to why I don’t so this more often.)

After the big suck of my bike breaking down on Thursday, and then getting fixed during an otherwise very busy work day on Friday, I was so ready for a long weekend. We consciously didn’t make plans to get stuck in traffic due to the San Francisco Bay Bridge closure, or by going to the coast where probably everyone else was going during the lovely weather.

Instead our friend Karen stopped by for a night on Sunday on her way elsewhere, so I spent a big chunk of Saturday cleaning the front room for her arrival. I’d been piling old comics on the side table in there, and it took quite a while to get them organized. Now I need to see about bringing most of them to my comic book store to see if they’ll buy them from me, and to see about putting some of the others up on eBay.

Once Karen arrived Sunday afternoon, we went out to dinner at Cascal with a friend of hers and his wife. Monday we took her to Stacks for brunch, and showed her the Wii. And then she was off. A short visit, but fun. She managed to avoid all the bridge traffic and made good time on her drive, she says.

After she left on Monday we went for a bike ride, buying ice cream in the park and shaking down my bike after its repairs (and not coincidentally making up for the distance I didn’t bike on Thursday afternoon after it broke). Then I spent a chunk of time upgrading our last computer to SnowLeopard, and I think I’m all done with that chore in the house, thankfully. (Actually it all went perfectly smoothly. It just took a little while to do it all, especially since I decided to do a clean install of the desktop for various mostly-trivial reasons.)

And so today I biked in to work again. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, then you know that it was my 20th ride in to work this year, which makes a solid work-month of biking in (if that month started on Saturday and didn’t have 31 days!). My round-trip is about 18 miles, so that’s over 350 miles biked this summer. Hopefully I can get a few more rides in this month, but I plan to shut it down once it gets too dark at night to bike home.

Though I hope to transition to going to the gym twice a week instead. We’ll see how that goes!

(By the way, here’s my favorite Labor Day cartoon this year.)

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