Ringing In The New

2010 started about as poorly as 2009 ended, with me suffering from this nasty cold. I thought I felt better when I woke up, but I quickly went downhill and slept for a couple of hours a little after noon. I’ve spent most of the day on the couch, alternately half-dozing and finishing John Scalzi’s Zoe’s Tale.

Debbi – who’s still getting over he own colds – has been very nice in taking care of me, making me tea and bringing me things to eat. IF I sound like a wuss, well, I rather feel like one, but then I try to get up and it takes me a couple of minutes to motivate myself, and then I feel a little dizzy as I walk around. So yeah, I’m pretty sick.

What I hate the most about being this sick is that I just can’t do very much. I can’t clean up the leaves in the back yard, I can’t do more cleaning of the study, or measure the closet for new shelving, or even help much around the house. It feels like a wasted day – doubly annoying since it’s on my holiday break! But, I guess these things happen.

I’m feeling better tonight than I was earlier today, and definitely better than last night, when I was totally zoned. So that’s something. It’s a crappy way to kick off the year, though.