Vivid Dreams

I’ve had three nights in a row of strong, vivid dreams. They’ve been pretty nonsensical, but powerful, considering that I rarely remember my dreams. I rarely write about them when I do remember them (because reading about other peoples’ dreams is pretty boring, I think), but after three nights in a row, I wanted to note this down:

  • Friday night the dream involved cleaning a large house, though one I didn’t recognize. Somehow that mutated into the house being on top of a tall tree (or something like that), and swinging on vines to clean up dead pieces in the tree. And somehow that ended with me landing on a street corner (which I also didn’t recognize) to watch a performance put on by a group of actors. The actors were three former actors to play Doctor Who, Jon Pertwee (who is deceased), Tom Baker, and Colin Baker, plus someone I didn’t recognize who apparently had played Mister Fantastic back in the 70s or 80s (as he appeared much older now). What exactly they were doing I’m not sure, but I had a lengthy conversation with Jon Pertwee in the dream (which I don’t recall).

    Dreams involving heights are a recurring theme for me, probably because I have mild acrophobia, so that’s not unusual. The presence of Mister Fantastic was probably because we watched Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer on Friday night (not recommended). The rest of it is a mystery.

  • Saturday night I had a dream involving zombies. You’d think this was because I just took the first volume of The Walking Dead out of the library, but in fact I haven’t read it yet, so I don’t know where this dream came from. It mostly involved me watching several young teenagers walking back and forth between two points in a small town, including going through a shotgun house in which an old man lived. Obviously at some point they were going to find that the old man became a zombie. When the inevitable happened, one of the kids – or maybe me, since my point of view had merged with them by then – let out with a “Nooooo….!”

    This was so powerful a moment that I actually let out with a loud moan in real life, waking up Debbi and scaring all the cats off the bed. I wasn’t particularly frightened by the dream when I woke up – it didn’t feel like a true nightmare – but I was embarrassed that the dream crept out into real life like that.

  • Last night the dream involved going to the ocean and finding that it had risen quite a few feet, swamping the shore. I met an old girlfriend of mine there, and she was apparently swimming around collecting large sea shells. I think this was the tail of a longer dream, which mostly involved getting to the ocean, but I don’t remember anything but the end of it.

I guess my mind must have a bunch of stuff it’s trying to work through, but it’s certainly not any clearer from all of this nocturnal activity. I’d be just as happy to not remember any of these dreams, because they don’t feel helpful at all.