Merry Little Christmas

We got woken up around 4 am this morning by Newton doing his late-night meowing thing. Debbi wasn’t able to get back to sleep and came downstairs to read until she could sleep again. I came down later (I’d been sleeping fitfully all night) and found both Blackjack and Roulette snoozing while she read. Not the best start to the day, alas. But we both did get back to sleep.

Other than that the day went well, though. We opened presents in our living room with the fireplace on, and the cats mousing around at the pile of wrapping paper. Debbi baked cinnamon rolls which we ate after the presents. She talked to her family, and I talked to my parents. While talking to Dad, both Roulette and Blackjack climbed up on the couch and slept next to me.

We went out for a mid-day walk to the supermarket, just for some rolls to have with dinner, and I started cooking when we got back. I made bacon-wrapped meat loaf, and Debbi steamed asparagus and made mashed potatoes. All very yummy!

We discovered yesterday that we now get BBC America in our cable package, so we watched the Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me! special last night; it was pretty funny, but they cut a lot of the best stuff to make room for commercials. Fortunately, all that best stuff made it into the radio broadcast. And shortly we’re going to watch this year’s Doctor Who Christmas Special, having watched last year’s just a couple of nights ago. The Christmas specials are okay, but not really “special”; the cheesy – often campy – fooling around with Christmas traditions is getting rather tiresome.

So that’s been our first Christmas in our new house. The first of many to come, I hope!

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