Halloween Mobs

For Halloween night we got together with our neighbors to hand out candy as a group (and to have some yummy food one of them cooked). Our neighbors across the street have a nice courtyard in front of their house where we all hung out while trick-or-treaters came by. Debbi put signs on our door directing people across the street – they kind of worked, although when parents send their younger kids up, the younger kids don’t really understand the signs. But I think it all worked out.

Several of our other neighbors came by to say hi, including a couple we hadn’t met before. Mostly we just hung out.

And then the kids started to arrive.

A few younger kids came by before sunset. There were three of us handing out candy, which I think was a little confusing as we tried to route people around to all three “stations”, but we worked it out.

Sometime after sunset, the floodgates opened.

At one point I looked up and it seemed like there were kids and parents as far as the eye could see, out the courtyard and driveway, out in the street, across the street. It was nuts, for about fifteen minutes. We must have had a hundred kids come through.

Somehow, we still had candy left at the end of the evening. Yay for giant bags from Costco. Guess they get to go rot our cow-orkers’ teeth in the coming weeks.

It was a fun time, though. After 9 Halloweens at the townhouse, we’d almost forgotten what it was like to get trick-or-treaters. I suspect our block got a reputation among the kids for having good candy last year. After this year, I can only imagine what next year will be like.