Just a Few Things Accomplished

How about a good old-fashioned “what we did on our weekend” post? In preparation for some friends coming to visit later this week, we were quite busy:

  • Friday night I played poker. I didn’t win, indeed I lost rather spectacularly. That aside, I had a good time. I also learned that I can no longer pass for thirtysomething in the eyes of twentysomethings.
  • Saturday we got up early to clean the library for the arrival of our new daybed. The delivery truck showed up 35 minutes early (!!) so we had to scramble to clear and vacuum the room. Aside from the scramble, it was nice to get it done early. Roulette scratched up my right arm pretty good when I caught her to put her in a bedroom during the delivery.
  • I spent 2 hours at the barber shop waiting to get my hair cut. The line was just as long when I left as when I arrived, so I don’t think I would have fared better had I come in later.
  • Debbi vacuumed all the things while I was away.
  • Went to Ikea to buy some more shelving for our master closet, which I then assembled. Between this and the daybed I think this was the most exciting weekend the kittens have ever had.
  • Went to dinner at Su Hong in Palo Alto.
  • Before dinner we put my old papasan – which has been replaced by the daybed – on the curb for free. It was gone when we came back.
  • Visited with our neighbors across the street for about an hour.
  • Spent the evening sitting on the porch reading and listening to the Giants game.
  • Sunday we changed the sheets on our bed.
  • Went to the grocery store.
  • I finished changing all the cat litter in the house.
  • Opened some Magic card packs and catalogued them.
  • Went to our neighborhood’s annual block party, where we ate lunch and chatted with folks.
  • Spent a bunch of time trying to figure out why our steam cleaner wasn’t spraying any water. Finally got it working – though I’m not sure how – and cleaned two areas rugs downstairs. Then I went up to clean the guest room carpet and it wasn’t working again. Grr. Steam cleaning is not a big deal unless your steam cleaner stops working.
  • Called my Mom.
  • Grilled chicken & peppers for dinner. Debbi made a tomato-and-mozzarella-ball salad.
  • Trimmed the juniper around the edges of our back yard. Let Newton walk around the yard while I was doing so, which is his favoritest thing in the world these days.
  • Worked on some comic book journal entries.
  • This morning I arranged the roses I bought yesterday at the grocery store and forgot about until I was going to bed.

And then I went to work and watched the WWDC keynote.