Well Today’s GOT to be Better

Yesterday was a pretty crappy day. The day after frisbee always starts out slightly crappy, since I’m stiff and slow-moving after running around for 2-3 hours.

But work was just a bear. It was just one thing after another, and never being able to make much progress on what I’m actually supposed to be working on. To be fair, I recently took on a project which turns out to have both a bunch of code that doesn’t work as I’d expected, and which uses technology which is new to me, so it’s been a bunch of thrashing around trying to both get oriented, and figure out how to get the code to do what I want. But then it’s everything getting in the way of that which was just hugely frustrating.

And on top of it, I had my least-favorite-weekly-meeting in the middle of the day.

So I was stressed out and very grumpy when it came time to go.

At night I went to Subrata‘s for gaming. It was not a good session. I made a boneheaded error and ended up way behind in the game we were playing, had a couple more setbacks, and ended up leaving at 10:30 because I clearly wasn’t going to win (or even come close), and the game was going to go on for a while yet. Not at all what I was hoping for out of gaming.

On the bright side, I did buy comic books. On the dark side, I only got to read two of them before going to bed. But one of them was the new Astro City, which made me happy.

Today’s gotta be a better day. I mean, it could be worse, but geez, I hope not.

3 thoughts on “Well Today’s GOT to be Better”

  1. You left gaming early simply because you weren’t going to win? Bad loser much? Or just an all around big fat baby?

  2. I actually left because the game was running quite long and I don’t usually stay past 10:30 anyway. But in addition I didn’t feel like dragging out a losing effort at the end of a bad day.

  3. BTW, that game never finished; Ziggy got hit with a sandstorm that cost him three turns, at which point everyone decided to pack it in.

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