I Hope You Will Think Less of Me

Two months into the year, you’re probably wondering how my resolutions are going.

Well, the “write more” part has (predictably) been going rather poorly. (Heck, I haven’t even been writing more here!) But the “eat less” part has been going pretty well: I’ve lost 7 pounds so far this year. If I can keep this rate up for the whole year (ha!), I’ll actually achieve my supposed goal weight by the end of the year. (In reality I’d be happy to get down to where I was 6 years ago when I was hitting the gym regularly, before I started house-hunting and gained it all back.)

My strategy has mostly been to cut down on the little things: I still buy a mocha on my coffee break, but I don’t get whipped cream or a cookie. Instead of pizza or grill food at lunch, I tend to get sandwiches or salads (and not even particularly healthy salads). I’ve cut back on eating candy outside of work. Little stuff like that. Basically, I’ve tried to embrace the words of my doctor a few years ago who said if I could just cut my calorie intake by 10% I’d start losing weight.

Seems like he was right.

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