Winding Down

I’m on vacation now. Somehow the weekend flew by so fast that it’s already Monday. Yet I’m not at work. Which is a good thing, since I can really use some downtime. We get this week through New Year’s off anyway, but I took the rest of next week off, too, so I have two full weeks at home. That’s right – we’re not going anywhere, just doing Christmas at home and hanging around.

As usual I have a lengthy list of things I’d like to do over the break, and I expect I’ll only do about half of it. Here’s what comes to mind off the top of my head, and in no particular order:

  • Play poker. Going to the casino during a weekday is a good way to avoid the crowds.
  • Assemble some Magic decks.
  • Take care of our friends’ cats, which we’re doing through tomorrow.
  • Hit some used bookstores.
  • Clean up the study upstairs, especially the closet, which is full of disorganized crap. I’m hoping that Storables will have their annual closet sale after Christmas, in which case I might redo all the shelving in there, too.
  • Related to that, prepare some comic books to sell on eBay, and just throw out (well, recycle) some others that I know won’t be sellable.
  • Buy a new stereo receiver. Mine is over 18 years old and is showing signs of being on its last legs. I might also look for other consumer electronics, like a DVR.
  • Write. I have some stories I want to work on which have been coming together in my mind. I ought to try to get a few pages of them written and see if I develop some momentum so I keep going.
  • Draw. I’ve also ben getting the yen to do some sketching, so I might play around with different styles in my sketchbook.
  • Cook. We plan to cook a turkey for Christmas, and I also plan to make meatloaf (mmm, bacon-wrapped meatloaf) and biscuits sometime.
  • Go to lunch with Debbi some day when she’s at work and I’m not. (She has this week off, but not next week other than New Year’s.)
  • Upgrade the desktop computer to Leopard.
  • Find a new theme for this journal, as I’m getting tired of this one. I expect I’ll find a theme someone else has concocted and just make a few usability tweaks to it to work with my set-up. Since I don’t have a testbed install of WordPress, I’ll have to set one up, probably on a local computer, to play around with themes.
  • Read. Our book discussion group is early next month, and the book is long, so I need to get cracking on it.
  • Catch up on journal entries. I have several that are half-written which I haven’t posted yet. Including two from last month’s vacation!

Like I said, I probably won’t get through all of that. But it’s good to have a list, right?

I haven’t made much progress on it yet, though. But I did finish the crossword in this morning’s paper. Oh, and finished my Christmas shopping – that’s very important!

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