De Gustibus non Disputandum Est

Yesterday I received my DVD set of Torchwood from Amazon. Just for yuks I put it on display so people could see it through my office window when they walked down the hall.

A few hours later, C. walks past my door and stops to say that his wife loves the series (and he thinks it’s pretty good, too). I say I haven’t watched it, but that I do like the new Doctor Who (although it’s slowly going downhill). And also that I’m just starting to watch Battlestar Galactica. Then I shock him with the fact that I didn’t like either Firefly or Heroes. And we natter on for a while about all of that and he departs.

Some time later, T. comes by my office and notices the DVDs.

“Why’d you get that?” he asks. “It sucks.”

Okay then.

My main problem right now is that I’m not watching as much BSG as I want to.

Well, and I haven’t mailed my taxes yet.

Okay, maybe I don’t have a “main” problem.