World’s Shortest Doctor Visit

This morning it was back to the doctor, this time to see the dermatologist as my body has developed a few blemishes which my GP thought were worth having looked at by an expert. The dermatologist looked me over and said that the two large bumps I’ve got are probably some sort of nerve cluster (if I understood her correctly), and they probably don’t need to be removed unless they bother me (which they mostly don’t). Otherwise she said I should come back in a year and she can take another look and see if any of my various mole-like blemishes have gotten any bigger. And she said to remember to put on sunscreen.

So it took longer to drive to and from the appointment than it did to actually get checked out.

In other health news, my cold is still lingering – I’ve still got the sniffles and the occasional cough. I feel better every day, but it seems like every year it takes a little longer to shake the last of my colds. It may mean I have some low-grade allergies, since ’tis the season out here in California. Debbi’s been hit much harder with this cold, with nasty coughing jags, but she’s gradually getting better, too.

No, I don’t think either of us have the swine flu, since we both showed symptoms before it hit the media (and well before any confirmed US cases). Plus, it just wasn’t as debilitating as actual flu is supposed to be. (Have I ever had actual influenza? I can’t recall.) And there was a bug going around my office just before I caught it. So I think we just have colds. Annoying.

But better than swine flu.

My pinched nerve is mostly better, but sometimes I still get a pain in my arm. I’m hoping it will eventually go away entirely, but if it doesn’t, I wonder at what point I should call my doctor and ask whether we should do something else to try to treat it.

I’m so ready to just be healthy again.