All-in-all, quite a productive weekend.

After a quiet morning at home on Saturday, Debbi and I went for a bike ride through the park and down the bike trail, stopping in the park for lunch at the lakeside cafe, and going over the new pedestrian bridge they finished a month or so ago. We cooled down with some yoga exercises on the Wii.

Then we headed to Palo Alto where I bought myself an iPhone 3GS, upgrading from my original model. While this is a tad frivolous, it is a much bigger upgrade over my phone than the 3G was: Faster processors, better camera, more memory, built-in compass – all useful items. Especially the speed and the camera. I ordered a new holster, the newer edition of the one I’ve been using for my old phone: A Marware Sidewinder Deluxe. I like the hard shell and screen protection when I’m not using the phone, while giving me full access to the screen when I am using it. Hopefully it’ll be just as good as the earlier version.

We went to Cafe Borrone in the evening as usual, and on the way home got caught on a summer rainshower that hit the mid-peninsula – very unusual in these parts in July. We often get a little shower in August, and I’ll be curious to see whether it arrived a month early, or if this was a bonus shower. Either way, it was nice.

Today we had an even quieter morning at home, with Debbi making scones and then us sitting on the porch reading the paper with our scones and coffee, enjoying the cool weather. Then we hit the farmer’s market.

In the afternoon I tackled the project of installing a new faucet in the sink of Debbi’s bathroom. This was a pain in the ass, partly because I’d never replaced a faucet before, and partly because the old tubing for the cold water lost its seal when I was trying to fix it all up, and we had to go out and buy a new tube. But I finally got it hooked up, including the drain control, and it works without any leaks. In retrospect I guess it wasn’t too bad, but messing around under the sink is not at all convenient.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned my latest physical ailment: My hips have been getting sore at odd times, usually for days on end, making it difficult to switch between sitting and standing. It started the week before we left on vacation, so less than a month ago. For some reason working under the sink aggravated them badly, and I’ve been hobbling around for the rest of the afternoon. It’s really frustrating, especially since the pinched nerve in my neck seems to be almost better (it only bothered me a little while biking yesterday). Doing a couple of yoga poses seems to help work out the soreness, fortunately, but it’s not a panacea.

Anyway, I wrapped up the day with our book discussion group, dinner at Su Hong, and a few more yoga poses with the Wii. Tomorrow I plan to bike in to work, just in time for temperatures around here to clear 90. Ugh!

But I’m happy with what I got done this weekend. Now I need to go relax for the rest of the evening.

2 thoughts on “Upgrades”

  1. A holster? Are you carrying a gun? That holster is an insult to Apple’s great industrial design!

  2. It’s funny, but when I was at the Apple Store looking at iPhone cases, I was looking at the various coverings for the phone, and Debbi pointed out that getting a permanent polycarbonate (hardshell) or silicone (softshell) case defeated the fact that I bought a black iPhone because I like the black design better than white.

    The nice thing about the Marware holster is that it snaps on and off, so I can use just the phone by itself without having to remove a case from it. Yet it’s still a hardshell, and the fact that it flips in either direction means I can protect the screen when not using the phone, but easily flip it around to use it. (This is how I’ve been using my previous phone for 2 years.) So it’s the best of both worlds. The other option I guess would be to get a leather case to slip the phone into when not using it. I worry that such a case would be bulky and inhibit access to my phone more than I prefer.

    But I definitely want some sort of case, to protect the screen and protect against accidental impact. The industrial design is nice and all, and I’m sure it’s sturdily built, but given some of my occasionally-clumsy maneuvers, I definitely want it to have some extra protection.

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