Things I Learned at Frisbee Last Night

Last night was the first night of this season’s SBUL. While I pretty much failed at my goal of losing a substantial amount of weight for it, I have been pretty active since last season. However, I learned that:

  1. Bicycling doesn’t really improve your endurance for sprinting while playing ultimate, and
  2. Jogging doesn’t really improve your endurance for sprinting either.

Yes, it was another first-frisbee-night huffing and puffing after running back and forth down the field.

On the bright side, my forehand throw hasn’t deteriorated as much as it usually does between seasons. Also I completely shut down a couple of faster, taller players while I was on defense (although that’s what leads to the huffing and puffing).

I was surprisingly not very too stiff and sore this morning – except for my right heel, which hurt a lot when I put weight on it getting out of bed. It gets better as I use it during the day, but I think I need to get some cushioned insoles for my (new) cleats to try to mitigate this problem.

Man, this game sure was a lot easier when I was in my 20s.

One thought on “Things I Learned at Frisbee Last Night”

  1. Ok, for the record, if you start jogging two weeks before frisbee starts, it probably won’t help your endurance much. Now if you keep it up, I bet you’ll see the difference at the end of the season. 🙂

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