Under The Weather

I’ve been laid low for several days now by the worst illness I can recall having in many years.

Wednesday night I thought I was coming down with a cold – sore throat, stuffy nose – and I was thinking of staying home the next day if I didn’t feel any better. Perhaps a little gratuitous, but as I get older I’ve been getting more cautious about not letting illnesses gestate into something worse.

Waffling about it didn’t matter, because around 11:30 I woke up with an upset stomach, which led to the better (or worse) part of two hours in the bathroom writhing on the floor in pain until the previous night’s dinner came up. Which it finally did, which of course was a mixed blessing since I hatehatehate throwing up. Bleah. But I knew I’d feel better afterwards. I just wish it hadn’t taken so long to get on with it.

All of that left me completely exhausted on Thursday. I’ve never been so tired: Although I was trying to stay hydrated, it was a huge effort just to sit up to drink. Debbi took the day off to take care of me, and also to take Blackjack to and from his chemo appointment for the week, and I sure did appreciate it, because I wasn’t really able to even make soup for myself. I managed to send e-mail to work that I’d be out, and I took a shower at one point, but I really spent most of the day sleeping.

I got a good night’s sleep Thursday, but was still pretty low on energy, so I stayed home again. And I slept well again last night, but today I’m still tired and congested. I suspect I really was coming down with a cold, and my sickness kept me from fighting it off, and now it’s settled in for the weekend. In any event, I’m laying low again today.

So what did I have? I suspect food poisoning, probably from the burrito I got from a Major Chain Restaurant on Wednesday night.

I’m really tired of being sick, though. I want to be able to do things again. Maybe by tomorrow I’ll have kicked the cold.