Incremental Changes

Another sunny weekend here in the Bay Area. We got a good dose of rain last weekend, but now we’re back to the sun. Such a tough life, I know. I really would like to get some more rain, but at least the cats can enjoy the sun beams.

We went out running errands yesterday. Debbi’s boot camp, EmpowerFit, was having an event at the Road Runner Sports venue in Redwood City, so we swung by. Debbi saw some of her friends from camp, and I went through their shoe finder test to get some new workout shoes. The test was pretty interesting: I knew my feet pronate pretty good, but my right foot also lands pointing outwards a little bit. They also recommended that I go from my usual size 11 4E shoes to size 11-1/2 2E shoes. I tried on a couple of pairs, and bought some New Balance ones, which are ones I have favored anyway, but I did genuinely like them better than the other ones I tried. Plus I got some insoles for them to give me more support. I may look at getting some new insoles for my everyday shoes sometime.

We also went by Joann Fabrics where I bought a length of felt for our dining table, so I can host poker games once in a while. Our regular table cloth doesn’t really cut it, since it’s difficult to pick the cards up without grabbing a good chunk of cloth.

(We really need a new table cloth, too, but with both leaves in the table is so big that it’s hard to find ones that fit it. And yes, I’ve looked on the Interwebs.)

In the evening we drove up to Menlo Park where my team was having dinner for a departing team member (he’s just moving inside the company, though). It was actually just team members only, so Debbi had dinner at our usual Saturday night haunt, Cafe Borrone. Dinner was at Bistro Vida, which we’d walked by but never eaten at. It’s pretty good! I’ll have to take Debbi there sometime soon.

Having gotten most of the errands out of the way yesterday, I expect we’ll just hang out today. But wait, it’s warm and sunny out, and we bought new shoes yesterday! So maybe we’ll go out for a walk sometime…

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