Passing the First Two Barriers

I’m currently in Massachusetts, staying with my Dad, and taking care of business for my Mom. Literally business: I’m taking over her finances, paying her bills, and eventually getting her taxes done. Mom is still doing well, recovering from knee replacement surgery, but assessments of her indicated that someone else needed to shoulder this responsibility, and it fell to me.

So, here I am back across the country again 3 weeks after I returned from my previous trip here.

In the large, it has been reasonably successful, but it has also been very stressful for me. Monday we went to meet with an attorney to have power of attorney documents signed so I can have access to her financial accounts. Tuesday we went to her bank to apply the POA, and were partially successful: It was applied to her checking and savings accounts, but not to her IRAs, as the POA didn’t specifically call out those sorts of accounts. They might still accept it, but their legal department will review it. Today we went back to the attorney to get some other documents signed, and I got a new POA which calls out those items. (The lawyer said she’d never heard of someone questioning it in that detail before.) So tomorrow I’ll go back to the bank.

Those are the things I’d planned on doing the first half of this week, but as with the last trip, everything has taken longer than planned. So I passed the first barrier (the attorney), and sort-of passed the second barrier (the bank).

Other stuff:

I took the red-eye flight out Friday night. I managed to get a few hours of fitful sleep on the plane. On the bright side, my flight got in half an hour early rather than 2-1/2 hour late like last time. However, this meant I got to my Dad’s house by 6 am, so I grabbed some Dunkin Donuts and a muffin and hung out for 45 minutes.

We drove out to Mom’s house to collect her mail, and found a notice from the city with some other details I’d have to attend to. Plus Dad had tried to get Mom’s car inspected for the Massachusetts inspection requirements and its had failed, so since I wanted to use it while I was there I’d have to get it repaired. (Mom is not driving anymore since her surgery.) So I took it in to get it repaired, and it was a moderately expensive repair. Then I had to drive it for 50-100 miles before I could get it inspected again. I passed 100 miles today, so I’ll get it inspected again this week.

Dad and I did get out Sunday afternoon to see The Dark Knight Rises, for which I need to write a review. Short version: It’s the best of Christopher Nolan’s three Batman films, and if you liked the first one better than the second one (as I did), then you should like this one, as it’s more directly a sequel to the first one – and more thematically rewarding than the second one.

I’ve done a lot of running around with Mom, and have been running errands on her behalf: Picking up things for her cat, and other things I think she’ll need. It’s nice spending time with her, but all of these things add up in the time department, and I feel like I’m constantly running late.

But mostly I need to make phone calls and deal with people on a business basis, all things I really hate doing, and the uncertainty of when I’ll be able to use the POA just drives me crazy. No doubt it will all get worked out, but it seems like there’s a lot at stake and only a limited amount I can do. And still a lot of work to do that amount.

So it’s been an exhausting trip, and I’m only 1/4 of the way through it (assuming I don’t have to extend it).

Fortunately, I got some good news in that the notice that we picked up on Saturday turned out to be something that the city would take care of and just wanted permission to do so. So that was a big relief, as I had no idea how big a project it would be! I can honestly say that that chance encounter with the fellow who left the notice made my afternoon.

More later, assuming my head doesn’t explode from anxiety.

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  1. Take a deep breath and relax. You have accomplished quite a bit in a little amount of time. You still have a week a half to go…

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