The Last Crest

This is an entry about toothpaste.

I’ve been using Crest toothpaste for as long as I can remember, presumably because one or both of my parents used it when I was a kid. Sometime in the 90s, toothpaste manufacturers (or are they extruders?) started diversifying their products, and after trying various kinds, I eventually settled on Crest tartar control fresh mint gel as my preferred product.

(I don’t really strongly about paste vs. gel, but I’ve tried both cool mint and cinnamon flavors, and say “no thank you” to both of them.)

Back around 2013 I noticed that I could no longer find the gel in stores, so I turned to Amazon, which sold them – either directly or through third parties – in batches of 5-to-10 tubes. Annoying, but whatever. I also learned that you’re only supposed to use a pea-sized blob of paste to brush your teeth with, and while I still use a little more than that, cutting down made the tubes last a lot longer.

Unfortunately, my reprieve seems to have reached the end of the line: Amazon no longer offers this product, so I assume Crest has stopped making it. Which means sometime in the next week I will crack open the last tube of my favorite toothpaste, and sometime in the next eight months or so it will be gone. Alas.

Crest does still make something similar: Fresh mint gel+paste mixture with baking soda & peroxide whitening with tartar protection (and doesn’t that just roll off the tongue?). I bought a tube, and will try it out when this last tube is gone. It will probably be fine. Maybe just a touch weird, I don’t know.

I guess I should blame the millennials for ruining my favorite toothpaste, but probably it’s just good for me to try something new. Kind of.

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  1. Pretty much every big manufacturer is cutting down on their product lines. Coke in particular is no longer making all the flavors (none of our favorites are around, alas) because their manufacturing is cut back. I have no doubt that some of those products will never come back.

  2. Welcome to my world! I am allergic to an ingredient found in 99% of all toothpastes (so is Dash, btw) and it seems like every time I find a good one that doesn’t taste nasty, feel gritty or slimy, etc. I’m happy for 6 months to a year and then they stop making it. And then I go back to reading every label and trying a bunch of them until I can find one that I (and Dash) like. The stupid part is that the ingredient has only one purpose — make the toothpaste foam up in your mouth. Apparently people feel their teeth are cleaner if their toothpaste foams but it serves absolutely no real purpose other than that.

    One saving grace is that kids’ toothpastes (which are way more plentiful now than they were when we were kids, or even just when H&D were younger) tend to not have that ingredient. The downside is that they usually come in really gross flavors like grape, strawberry, etc. However, I was recently able to purchase a tube of sparkly rainbow unicorn toothpaste! Yes, that’s what it is called. It’s a kind of minty bubblegum flavor that isn’t too bad! I still prefer my grown up toothpaste, but Dash likes this one, so at least we can stop taking 3 different tubes of toothpaste on every vacation.

  3. Call the 800 number to confirm. This is one of the services they provide. It may just be a supply issue due to COVVID. #PGEmployee

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