Upgraded to WordPress 2.1

FP has been upgraded to WordPress 2.1. For some reason DreamHost‘s one-click upgrade wasn’t working for me earlier, so I shot them an e-mail, and a little later (after dinner and a coffee shop run) got back a “Huh, I don’t know what went wrong, I put through another request for you and it worked this time” response. So the upgrade has occurred.

It looks like my plugins came along for the ride (to my surprise – I’d expected to have to reinstall them), and they seem to be working. The exception is that the category list in the left sidebar is completely borked: It looks like it’s showing my Blogroll categories instead. But if that’s the worst that’s happened, then this has been a smooth upgrade indeed.

That and any other glitches will have to wait until tomorrow evening, at the earliest, for me to look into them. I’d hoped to iron out any lingering problems tonight, but that had been predicated on the one-click upgrade occurring on demand, and since something went wrong there, I’ll need to make time later. So please be patient if anything seems to be amiss. (And a quick e-mail telling me if you find anything else that’s not working would be appreciated, too!)

One thought on “Upgraded to WordPress 2.1”

  1. Hmm, it looks like WP 2.1 merges the main categories and the link categories into a single list, which sort of torpedoes my clever system for managing my link categories (I would have multiple link categories for a single main category, as you can see – for instance – on my progressive rock category page), since there’s no longer any way I can find to distinguish between the two types of categories. In other words, WP 2.1 loses information which was present in WP 2.0. Bummer.

    I’ll have to cogitate about whether I can work around this. Anyway, I moved the orphaned link categories to make the top-level list look cleaner for the time being.


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