My Insane Month

A summary of why March is being so stressful for me.

So here’s how March shapes up:

  1. March 1-2: Prepare my income tax information and mail to my CPA.
  2. March 3-10: Fly to Florida, go to DisneyWorld with Debbi’s family, fly back.
  3. March 11: Clean the house, try to relax.
  4. March 12: Karen arrives to stay with us while she’s here on business.
  5. March 13: Frisbee.
  6. March 16-18: A weekend of eating many foods.
  7. March 19 (that’s today!): Karen leaves. Debbi has surgery to remove her wisdom teeth. I take the day off to take care of her. Debbi has the week off to recover.
  8. March 20: Frisbee.
  9. March 31: Final frisbee tournament of the year.
  10. April 1: Fantasy baseball draft.

Many of these things are fun. But all of them require some attention. And for the next two weeks, I’ll be spending most of my spare time preparing for that fantasy baseball draft. Which I enjoy, but it does tend to take my focus away from all of my other hobbies during that time.

And none of this includes work, which is plenty lively these days. (Did I mention that e-mail was down at work on Friday? It bothered me well enough, and I can only imagine that it drove managers and others who simply live in e-mail nuts.)

On the plus side, we didn’t get hit with a snowstorm which cancelled all of our plans. I knew that I heart living in California for some reason.

I’m looking forward to April.

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