Blog Maintenance

I’m upgrading FP to WordPress 2.3.1 from 2.2.1, which seems to have broken the category list in the left sidebar. Hopefully I can get it fixed up fairly soon. I also upgraded a bunch of the plugins. Everything else seems to be working properly as best I can tell. Let me know if you notice anything else that seems broken and I’ll take a look.

I’ll also probably move off the Atom 1.0 for WordPress plugin sometime soon, which means the feed might get spammed with some extra posts at some point (especially if you’re reading it through the LiveJournal syndication feed, since LJ seems to be remarkably stupid at figuring out that a post is just one it’s already syndicated with some minor edits). Hopefully it won’t be too bad, though.

Fun fun.

One thought on “Blog Maintenance”

  1. It looks like the fold_category_list plugin doesn’t work with WordPress 2.3 since that new version completely changed the organization of category information in the database. Fortunately, someone hacked a revision to work with WP 2.3, which makes me very happy since it’s a very useful plugin for those of us with lots of categories in our blogs.

    fold_page_list seems to work fine, though.

    (Just figured I’d mention it here for anyone else Googling around because they have the same problem.)

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