I went in for my annual eye exam this morning. Things haven’t changed: I’m still blind as a bat. 🙂 But fortunately they make lenses for that.

I’m slowly coming around to thinking about getting laser eye surgery. Mainly I think it would be handy to simplify things as I become farsighted, so I don’t need bifocals as soon (if at all). My eye doctor said that laser surgery would mean I’d need reading glasses sooner than otherwise, but I think she just meant that I’d have trouble seeing close up as my ability to change my eyes’ focus degrades with age, which is the same problem that people who aren’t nearsighted have anyway. But since my left eye is significantly more nearsighted than my right, this would probably still be a win for me (the disparity means I almost never read without lenses anyway).

Through the magic of Wikipedia, I learned today that there is in fact a farsightedness condition which is the opposite of nearsightedness. I think most people (including myself) think of farsightedness as “what happens to everyone’s vision as they get older”, but in fact this is yet another condition. I don’t think I’ve ever (to my knowledge) met someone who has true farsightedness, whereas nearsightedness and presbyopia are both quite common.

Anyway. Good to know my eyes are in the same shape they’ve been in for years. I don’t know what I’d do without them.