Merry Christmas!

A quiet day here at the ol’ homestead. I’ve nearly kicked my cold, but Debbi’s still weighed down by hers, so we stayed home, opened presents, watched TV, and phoned our families.

I’ve cooked dinner the last two nights: Last night I sautéed marinated chicken cutlets, served with gravy, and made rice pilaf on the side. Tonight I baked meatloaf (bacon-wrapped!) with potatoes gratin on the side, and steamed carrots. A giant stack of dirty dishes later and everything turned out really well. I’m always a little surprised when I can put things together like that and it ends up yummy.

It looks like the rain is coming to an end and it’ll warm up by early next week. With any luck Debbi will shake her cold and we can have a pleasant vacation.

I hope the holidays are treating you and yours well. If I haven’t talked with you lately, feel free to drop my a line or look me up on IM and say ‘hi’.