Weekend Update

Debbi hates surprises. Or so she says. Either way, this is an incentive to both buy her little surprises and to tell her I bought her a surprise. So that’s what I did a week ago, and she kept asking me what it was. “It’s a surprise!” I’d say. “You suck,” she’d say.

Ain’t I a stinker?

I don’t think she really hates them quite that much. (Not as much as she hates how hard I am to buy stuff for for Christmas or my birthday, anyway.) And her surprise arrived on Friday: The DVD of Meet the Robinsons, the CGI Disney film. It’s a cute film (the story doesn’t make much sense, but its heart is in the right place), so we watched it Friday night.

Debbi needed a pick-me-up anyway, I think, because she had a root canal Friday morning. I remember the day when a root canal meant total misery and a day or two out of work – at least, I think I remember them, since I’ve never had one myself. Now it seems like people are able to head in to work afterwards, like Debbi did. Me, I’d probably have taken the rest of the day off and taken a long nap so my body could get over the initial shock. Indeed, when I got home on Friday Debbi was sacked out on the bed. Unfortunately her mouth has been pretty sore this evening so she may be heading back tomorrow to find out what’s going on. I wish there was something I could do for her, but we’re both stumped at this point.

This past week was supposed to be the first week of ultimate frisbee, but a rain storm on Tuesday rained out that day, and Thursday the fields were still too soggy so the city closed them. So I biked in to work on Friday instead – coming up on 30 rides to work this season.

In other biking news, the bike shop I’ve been going to ordered a new rim for my bike, on the theory that my current rear wheel rim is too light and weak to take all my weight regularly, which has been leading to my broken spokes. The new, heavier-duty rim arrived on Friday, so Saturday we took it in and got the wheel rebuilt with the new rim and new spokes. I’m hopeful that this will solve my spoke problems. I think the only other option I have if this doesn’t work is to buy a new bike.

I missed APE again this year – I really ought to go someday, but all the Bay Area comic conventions seem to sneak up on me and I end up not going. I did go to the re-opening sale of the Comic Collector Shop on Saturday and picked up a few things. (Because, you know, what I really needed are more things.)

With winter not far away, I looked out at the patio and realized I should harvest the basil plant before it dies off, so I harvested most of its leaves today and made a batch of pesto, which we had over pasta with sausage tonight. Debbi says she thinks it’s the best batch I’ve made! I learned that you have to be more diligent in cleaning basil leaves harvested from your own outdoors than those bought in the supermarket – there’s a lot more schmutz on them.

So that was our weekend. A little more exciting than we perhaps wanted, but hopefully Debbi can work out her soreness tomorrow.

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