A Strange Week

This has been a strange week.

For one thing, I learned this week that one of my friends at work has decided to leave, another decided to get married – today (he told us yesterday and invited some of us to dinner to celebrate), and a third is expecting a child. Quite a bit of change for the first week of the new year!

In addition to that, I was home from work sick on Tuesday. I woke up with a queasy stomach and just couldn’t get going. Once I realized I didn’t feel up to driving, I decided to call it in. I wasn’t sure if I hadn’t recovered enough from my cold from last week to have been up playing Magic ’til 11 on Monday, or if it was just flaring up again. On further reflection, I think I might have gotten some low-grade food poisoning, or otherwise just ate something that didn’t agree with me and it just laid me low for a day. Wednesday, after a good night’s sleep, I felt much better.

But then at my friend’s bachelor dinner last night I ate too much, and this morning I still felt full, so I skipped breakfast. Bad idea; I was zoned out all morning, and even after lunch I was pretty sleepy for the afternoon until I got coffee, after which I felt much better. Hard to believe I used to never eat breakfast in the morning, and now I feel like I should never skip it. Which I probably shouldn’t.

On the one hand, I feel like this week deserves a do-over. On the other hand, illness aside, it hasn’t been a bad week. I even kicked a little ass at Magic on Monday!

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