Kicked My Ass

Frisbee kicked my ass last night.

We always end up with fewer people at the end of the season for various reasons: People move away, or get busy, or whatever, and pretty soon we have only 7-9 people showing up (or less!) to field a team of 7. Which means lots of playing and not a lot of time subbing out to catch my aged breath.

Last night I realized pretty quickly that I was having a Bad Endurance Night, and I was dogging it on the field quite a bit. Moreover, I was also Mr. Butterfingers and dropped a bunch of astoundingly easy throws. (I also just missed catching a score which was just an inch out of my reach, which was no less frustrating.) Moreover, our opponents were executing some perfect throws to elude my defense; since my endurance is Teh Suck, I play a very positional game, and to some extent that relies on blocking the guy I’m covering out or standing in the line of the throw. But if they manage to throw it just over me – or more likely, curve it around me – then there’s not a lot I can do. And that was happening a lot last night. (On the other hand, the skill level of SBUL is such that my strategy is usually pretty effective.)

I took it all with fairly good grace, though; I just tried to play the best I could, even if it wasn’t very well.

It was kind of sad, since we’ve been short-handed the last two weeks and I’ve actually been playing really well. But sometimes you just have an off week, I guess.

Anyway, the net result of all of this is stiff legs and tight thigh muscles today. Sheesh.

One thought on “Kicked My Ass”

  1. I was also pretty wiped – when we got down to one sub, there was a point at which I had to stay in, and I ended up walking down the field. Fortunately, the other team was obliging enough to drop the throw so Jason to pick it up and huck it to Nate for a score … and I was still the last person to the other goal line :<(

    Ah well, once I’m doing all those baby curls I’ll get back into shape, right? Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work? :<)

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