Times Past

During my ongoing project to clean out the front room and closet, I came across this wipe-off calendar from 1999:

Calendar from 1999
(click for larger image)

Back when I was working at Epic in Madison I had an Apple Newton as my PDA, mainly to keep my want list (books, comics, etc.). But it was large and unwieldy for use as a calendar, so eventually I bought this 3-month dry-erase calendar and pinned it to my wall at work to keep track of my appointments.

Once I got offered my job at Apple, I used it to keep track of all the things I needed to do before I moved out: I had to finish up my projects at Epic, meet with people to transfer my responsibilities, pack up my stuff, get the cats prepped for their trip, and then fly out. And as you can see the month of February is planned out on the calendar (and then I wrote about it in more detail over here and here). What a crazy month. It’s still hard to believe it went so smoothly.

Well, at least I remember it went pretty smoothly.

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