Christmas Run-Up

Whew, what a week! But Christmas Eve is here, and I’m on vacation, and Debbi’s on vacation. Or, rather, our companies are shut down for the holidays, which is pretty much business as usual at each of them, but for us it’s the same thing.

I’ve been semi-frantically cleaning the house and especially the front room in preparation for our friend Karen visiting. I didn’t quite get it all done, but close enough. She flew in this morning, and everything went smoothly, right down to actually landing a little early before I was quite ready to arrive. Since none of us have gone back east to visit our families, we extended the invitation for her to come visit.

After she arrived, she and I went to Whole Foods to buy food for dinner tomorrow. We put off actually having lunch today a little too long, and I almost ran out of energy to be able to figure out what I wanted for lunch, but I ended up buying a surprisingly large sandwich which I wasn’t able to finish. (Debbi finished it for her lunch when we got home and met her – she had to work today.) Whole Foods was surprisingly civilized for Christmas Eve, and the lines were not long at all.

We have dinner plans for tonight, and we’ll probably go out and look at Christmas lights afterwards. I finished my Christmas shopping last night, finished wrapping today, and I think everything I ordered got where it’s supposed to go. The tree is up and decorated, the lights are up outside, and the cats are baffled that we have a houseguest. Situation normal. 🙂

As I always do, I have a long list of stuff I’d like to get done over the holiday break. And as always, I might get about half of it done. (Heck, I haven’t even finished reading the comics I bought last night!) It’s good to catch up on stuff over the break, but I also don’t want to stress out about it. I’ll be happy with whatever I can do.

I hope everyone reading has a happy holiday season and end-of-year. As you know, I’m not at all religious, nor really spiritual, but I always enjoy the proverbial spirit of the season.