Ringing Out The Old

I’d hoped to close out the year with a round-up of 2009, but instead I’ve been hammered by this cold, mainly making me dog-tired. Not the best way to end the year, although I’m trying not to complain too much since Debbi’s been struggling with this thing for almost two weeks (her doctor thinks she may have caught a second cold on top of her first one). It’d be better if I were just congested rather than so tired.

So we’ve had a quiet day at home, with an outing to take care of my friend Andrew’s cat, and to pick up pizza for dinner. I napped for a couple of hours, and I set up our Wii for Internet use, and Debbi was playing Mario Kart with her family back east when I woke up. We also watched Monsters vs. Aliens, which was okay, with a few good bits, but the plot and script were a bit too contrived and cliche (even allowing for the fact that it was playing with cliches). Still, a decent enough light movie.

I’m hoping to make it to midnight for the new year (which is the year 57 in trinary, in case you were wondering). We’ll see, though.

Kind of a blah way to end the year.